One of three walking robot kits sold by Rapid Electronics Ltd. The others are Stegomech and Tyrannomech walking dinosaurs. They are motorised kits based around pre-punched wooden parts. Robomech is described as 'a fearsome, walking creature, with gear drive operation, swinging arms and LED eyes! Requires 2 AA cells'.

A good basic walking robot, that walks well. The legs are driven from the single motor/gearbox so it means turning is not possible without major modifications. The crank arms tend to slip on the gearbox output shaft, resulting with the robot tripping itself up.


The Guiseley Walker

A small walking robot designed for year 10 students on an integrated electronics and mechanisms project at Guiseley school. Guiseley have used the Walker in a linked project with local primary schools for a year 6 module covering controllable vehicles. Guiseley school manufactured the basic Walker and the primary schools generated the outer designs. See the Rapid School Network Newsletter linked below.



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Rapid Electronics Ltd
An educational and industrial supplier of components and kits.

Rapid Network News Downloads:
Download the complete PDF Rapid Schools Network Newsletter
The newsletter contains details of the Guiseley Walker.

Download the Guiseley Walker Prodesktop files

Download the detailed drawings of the Guiseley Walker

Download the PCB Wizard file to manufacture the circuit board

See the Guiseley Walker in action
A short video clip of the walker in action (2.32Mb)