This six legged walker by Keiron McGeever was featured on the TEP web site. It is designed to be controlled by a microcontroller driving the legs via 2 inexpensive motor gear box units. Basic programming of the walking robot produces some interesting behaviour, and modifying the programme a little gives behaviour that may have you talking to it like a pet!

Construction details can be found in two articles on the TEP web site and also a 2D Design drawing of the body and all the leg parts.

                        Cyber Pet on walking trials, only micro switch sensors fitted at this point. This Cyber Pet was made from 2 mm HIPS, cut out on a CAMM2 using the modified 2D Design drawing. The drawing has had a tool path added for a 2 mm cutter. 


The 4 mm PVC tube makes great self locking nuts. One point you must watch out for in the excitement of construction is to remember HIPS only has one good face. 


Web links:
Cyber Pet article
Cyber Pet article from News and Views issue 6, by Keiron McGeever.

Construction Notes
Six Legged Cyber Pet, Construction Notes, by Keiron McGeever.

Cyber Pet parts
Techsoft 2Ddesign file to enable you to cut out the Cyber Pet parts using a laser cutterCyber Pet parts
Techsoft 2Ddesign file set out for CAMM2 machine with 2 mm cutter (plot tool settings not saved).