You might be asking why this kit sold in book shops for £45 is included. Well it was in a sale for £5, the box a little battered but otherwise okay.



This kit provides a simple-to-build, preprogrammed robot. Aimed at ages 14 and up, the set includes a pre-assembled PCB, robot hardware, remote control, instruction booklet and CD-ROM with additional programming instructions. The robot can be controlled from an infrared remote control or one of its four preprogrammed "behaviours". these are:

  • Random Movement (the robot moves about randomly, reversing direction when an obstacle is in its way);
  • Photovore (seeks out light);
  • Photophobe (avoids light);
  • Maze Solver (follows a wall).


The robot has two light sensors and infrared proximity detectors to sense its surroundings to the front. The power supply is taken from a 9-volt battery, so it only gives a run time of about 20 minutes on an alkaline PP3 battery.

The robot is customisable with the addition of a BASIC STAMP BS2 microcontroller, so you are able to write your own applications to control the robot's behaviour. Software code for the BASIC STAMP applications is included on the CD-ROM along with illustrated assembly instructions, schematic and block diagrams (over a 100 pages for you to print out).


The assembly was quite straight forward, although some of the assembly instructions were a bit misleading. Once together all functions are controlled from the infrared remote control.             
            Whilst initially testing the kit the wheels kept on sticking. After a bit of trial and error I found washers were needed to pack the wheels off the side of the PCB and also the driven gear off the PCB. One washer on the gear side and four on the wheel side (the ones in the photo were 4mm, bigger diameter than required but all I had at the time).



Build Your Own Robot Kit
Myke Predko and Ben Wirz


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