This low cost kit is designed to enable students to get involved in micromouse schools competitions. The basic objective of the micromouse competition is to design a wheeled mouse capable of following a white line on a black track- at the highest possible speed!



The basic minimal mouse construction can be fast if set up right, as our teams found out in local school competitions. Very smooth running mice which run fast can be extremly difficult to set up or even keep on the table.



Construction Hints

Frame side cutouts must be correct size for gearbox, too small or too big makes for a rough running gearbox.

Test motor gearboxes in both directions, one runs backwards on the mouse.


Web Links

Basic Minimal Mouse Circuit 
An article posted on the Internet by Steve Woolley, January 1999 NELEX at Bancroft's School, Woodford Green, Essex, IG8 0RF. The article describes the basic minimal mouse circuit and a strip board layout. (In Word format)