There are different levels of Micromouse, from line followers, to wall followers, through to intelligent maze solvers. The school competitions are usually based on the line following types due to the complexity of the more advanced mice construction and programming.

Swallow systems "Dash Free" micromouse kit was our starting point in Micromouse competitions. Our first mouse named "mad mouse" looked very much like this example. Mad mouse had lap times of around 10 seconds. Later mice have cut this down to sub 5 seconds (mighty and stuart mouse).


From left to right Stuart, Estron, Mighty and Mad mouse. Mad mouse being the oldest, based initially on the Dash Free mouse but "improved" over the years.



Main construction from 10mm aluminum strip bolted to the gearbox, bent to required shape by hand. Careful balance being refined in later models to reduce weight on skid without mouse tipping backwards on starting.


Line sensors mounted on separate strip boards at constant steady height above the surface


The sensors run one on white and one on black, the size of gap between the sensors affects the speed. Too close the motors are constantly being asked to turn. Too far apart and you can straddle the line.


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